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We specialise in creating websites and online marketing strategies that help grow your business and get real results.
The digital landscape can be daunting, we make it simple.


A strong brand is the foundation to a successful business. Branding shouldn’t cost the earth - our brand packages give you a cost effective, professional, solution.


Most web agencies concentrate on designing beautiful websites. We design websites that concentrate on expanding your business need. (Although ours are beautiful too).


90% of daily media interactions are screen based. With our simplified digital marketing solutions you can stay one step ahead of your competitors.


Search engine optimisation isn’t magic or voodoo. We have demystified and simplified the process and can help your business rise the search engines ranks.

we grow your business through digital presence

Web Design Focussed On Achieving Real Business Results 

Here’s a familiar scenario – you’re in need of a new web site or a revamp of an existing one. You’ve Googled a few web design agencies in the local area, found a few stylish websites you like and are ready to go. You commission your new web designers who ask you a few questions about what you like the look of and what content you want to show on your new web site, you pay them and they start.

A few weeks later your new web designers give you a ‘snazzy’ site that looks really nice – job done and your happy. Here’s the thing though, you’ve just wasted a lot of time and money and haven't even realised it.

No one has taken the time to ask you why you think you need a new ‘snazzy’ site? How will a new ‘snazzy’ site help you increase your revenue or get you more enquiries and leads? What is it your business actually needs a ‘snazzy’ site or more sales, a ‘snazzy’ site or more contacts? And this is where we do things differently.

At no extra cost we spend time discovering and uncovering your business so we can create you a website that has your business needs at its core. Instead of asking you “is there anything you like the look of” we ask questions such as “tell us about your business” or “how can your website help your business”. With answers like these to hand we then create you a business minded website designed to grow your company and achieve real, return on investment results.

And of course our websites look ‘snazzy’ too.

The digital landscape can be daunting, we make it simple.

a note from our founder – Karl Salter

Thanks for taking the time to read a little about what we do and how we can help you grow.

The photo you see here sums up everything we stand for - to help make your digital business run as simply and as profitable as possible, so you can spend time with the ones you love. For us it’s that simple.

I have personally worked in web design, marketing, traditional print, Social Media and SEO for more than 16 years.  Throughout that time I have noticed two ever-present facts: that the digital world often appears daunting or complex to people not in the know, and that far too often web designers concentrate on what is ‘pretty’ or clever, not what is profitable.

Simplified was born to address this. We are dedicated to making your website and online business run as smoothly and as simply as possible, life shouldn't be complicated. We have the team and the tools to completely take charge of your website and marketing or we will happily train you to be web ninjas and marketing gurus yourself, it's up to you. 

And finally but more importantly we build all our websites with profitability at their core. Unlike other web designers who often focus on what looks good, we focus on your business and how we can get your products and services noticed. We have a wealth of experience in traditional and digital marketing and use this experience to help you get more enquiries and more online sales.